Premium inspection stallions January 2022

As can be read on the website of the N.S.P.S., the stallion selection will be organised on 7 and 8 January 2022. The judging will take place in Ermelo at the National Equestrian Centre. Access to the judging is restricted to the handlers and the staff of the training stables.
To make it possible for the spectators to follow the priming, the live stream as we know it from the young stallion judging will be continued.

Adjusted programming

  • On Friday, 7 January, the stallions to be shown are expected from the 2018 crop and the 2019 crop as a whole. In the afternoon, there will be time for the follow-up inspection, scheduled to start at 13.30 and then the re-inspection at 15.00.
    Start Friday morning is 09.00 hrs.
  • Saturday 8 January the stallions of the years 2020 and 2021 and the stallions that have received their approval beginning December 2021, year 2022, will be judged.
    Start of Saturday morning is 08.30 hrs.

Both days the stallions will be judged and pronounced individually. The programme order is per presenter/training stable.
See below for the programme of both days and the post- and re-inspection.

Adjusted classification HK 2022 January
After and re-inspection 7 January 2022

This is based on currently known regulations and taking into account the cooperation of the necessary (government) bodies and therefore also under strong reservation of changes in the regulations concerned.

For the full report please visit the website of the N.S.P.S.